• “Dr. Monika has become Dr. Jehangir Khan (of Dear Zindagi) of my life. I guess that explains it all.”

    Vipul Gupta, IT engineer
  • “Its been 6 months i am attending yoga clases & now it has become part of my daily routine as if it feels incomplete if i don’t do yoga for an hour in a day.I lost 5kg in this time span & have overcome health issues without any medicine that i was struggling with since months.A big Thanks to Monica mam for making our lives better…Your time to time guidance & solution on any & every health related problem of ours is greatly helpful & appreciable..Thanks a ton!!!!”

    Neha Saxena
  • “Yoga health care centre is run by Dr. Monika who is exceptionally well in keeping the session interesting and very engaging for everyone. Each day is a combination of required basic, intermediate and advanced yoga exercises. The classes have profile of people of all ages, professional and gender with a particular health concern for each. It is amazing how Dr. Monika takes care of an individual’s problem in a group session and personally checks if we are all following the right posture or not. We gain a lot of knowledge about the benefits of a particular asana through our sessions. Another interesting thing is that she always considers our lifestyle while formulating our diet chart which is very easy to follow. I highly recommend this centre for all your yoga needs, no matter what your target is”

    Sherya singhal
  • “its been 3 months after joining here and the experience of doing yoga is phenomenal. Under guidance of Dr Monika mam , its very good to practice so many Aasans and meditations and body cleansing kriyas, thus it takes full care of our body and inculcates positivity and peace in mind and life.
    Thank you Mam.. Its been my pleasure to explore the depth of Yoga life”

    Shivam Dhawan
  • “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured, an endure what cannot be cured;Which is been taught by Dr. Monika..
    Though it was a small but was a great journey learning under you.
    You will live in our practice each time we step out mats.
    You made a difference!
    Thanks a lot!”

  • “Amazing place. I feel rejuvenated practising yoga at yoga health care. Dr. Monika ‘-thanks a lot for making this place of smile. Apart from our daily worries n tensions, this place provides one hour of happiness and relaxation…”

    Uma Seth, Charted accountant
  • “It’s been 2 years that I’ve been associated with yoga health care center. I had overcome so many issues because of great trainer Dr.Monica…you’re a magician thanks a lot.”

    Sapna Gupta, corporate employee
  • “I am attending Dr. Monika’s Yoga classes from last two months. I lost around 3 kg weight in last two months. I am a chronic patient of sinusitis, yoga helps me a lot and i am not taking any medication from last few days.Also Dr. Monika given me a Sujok therapy for pain in my left leg occur due to accident, has given me a lot of relief.Thanks a lot Dr. Monika.”

    Dr.Aditi Soni, Dentist
  • “I went yoga class daily one hour for six month.I felt very good(high energy level+Smart)during those days. Overall excellent Yoga practice from Dr Monika.”

    Prabhakar, engineer
  • “Before leaving gurgoan and finally saying Bye to my yoga classes I would like to share my best experience to with all you lovely ppl:
    At 7:15 PM, I reached yogaheath care center with all stress out and literally having tears in my eyes since I was so much stressed and disappointed. When I reached there i found my similing yoga guru welcoming me with simple and telling me leave everything and smile. I did two and three ansans but stress and tears not parting my way. Then Doc Instructed us to lie down and what she do to make u feel relaxed is literally wonderful. I did my mediation as per her instructions and after 15 mins I was all relaxed and clam and more focused. I was totally engerzised and positive.
    Though all my time in yoga classes is worth to remember but this last day or last time I attend my class was totally amazing and I did promise myself to come again whenever I m gng to feel lost and disappointed since I know one place and person who can help me finding peace and calmness.
    Dr. Monica you are truely amazing person and I m definitely gng to miss you a lot and all you amazing ppl who did become part of my life during yoga classes. I had wonderful time since December when I joined my classes and always regreted why I was no knowing this class before. Indeed Dr. Monika you did wonder to me by making me realize how to live without cellphone and glasses for an hour what I usually leave when I sleeping. I am gng to miss you but this hope we will Stay in touch.”

    Aprajita Sharma, Senior advocate
  • “Hi every one, I have a best experience of learning yoga at this centre. Monika ma’am is fabulous yoga teacher and you’re definitely going to gain alot. You can also go for trial sessions if you have any doubts. Apart from this she has her education in naturopathy..that is an added advantage. You can take up your queries and she wl surely help. My suggestion, try it urself and you wl love it.”

    Shubhangi shukla, Corporate employee.
  • “such a relief in yoga classes, never felt so much of positive energy at my work.thank you so much Dr. Monika.”

    Juri Bordoloi, Software developer
  • This is an open reference based on the yoga classes under Dr Monica Agarwal Ma’am. I would like to share my experience that during these three months I have lost around 8 kgs by following proper diet and exercise, these classes are meant for discipline and proper routine which I have implemented and it brought a lot of difference in terms of stress management , strengthening mental ability and concentration, though I wanted to continue doing the same but I was transferred to chittorgarh. Any ways I will miss attending yoga classes at Gurgaon. Thank you Ma’am for all your help and support.”

    Mrinmoy chakraborthy, Civil engineer
  • Monika ma’am is the best yoga teacher; I was an active member in yoga classes since last year but due to location change have to move east Delhi. Since than I was trying to find a good yoga class but believe me I am not able to find ,it is not like that we don’t have yoga awareness about it but it has a great impact how your teacher deals with you. I am finding lot of changes in my lifestyle and health and wanted to go back to those golden days when I am associated with Monika ma’am’ yoga classes .thank you so much ma’am for your valuable guidance n moral support ..i am lack of words saying thanks to you.”

    Neha garg, software engineer
  • “After joining the yoga classes, my diabetes is under control and I have lost around 3 kg weight. I feel very active now and my sleeping habits have improved immensely. Our instructor is good natured human being & smart professional. She is qualified & experienced doctor for yoga & naturopathy. She has excellent communication skills. She gives proper attention to each and every member of the class. She also explains the benefits of all the Asans so that one can avail its’ benefits.”

    Mr. Sachin Jain, Viom Network, Gurgaon
  • “It’s been amazing experience during yoga training sessions with a very good instructor. My body has become more flexible and I am much more confident.”

    Ms. Abha Srivastava, House Wife, Gurgaon
  • “After completing my 2 months of Yoga classess, I feel more active during the day, I have lost 3 kgs weight during these days, which is a great achievement. My frequent cold problems have also reduced now.”

    Ms. Anju Bansal, housewife ,Gurgoan
  • “YOGA HEALTH CARE CENTRE is a well known yoga centre which is running by experienced and qualified doctor from last four years in DLF PHASE – 3, GURGAON. Yoga need open air space to decrease stress and increase our mind/soul coordination but in this cyber city it is very typical to run a yoga centre in greenery. We are lucky to have the space like this and covered also.In this fast and modern life style where we never have time to care ourselves even do not have time to take and care about our meals and foods which cause the High Blood Pressure, Suger, Headache, Back Pain, Fat etc. yoga is a safe and secure way to control these all things without medicine. Our qualified doctor helps to get out from stress and healthy life.
    classes are being provided on alternate days/regular/weekdays/weekend classes for group/couples/individuals for male/females suitable for every mood and our timings are flexible for housewives/working person/old age in the morning/in the day time/in the evening. We also provide individual sessions on special request, Yoga classes for Kids, For pregnant ladies, for patients suffering from chronic disease like B.P./Diabetes/Back Pain/Joint Pain/Stomach problems etc.”

    Mr. Sandeep Malik HR Unitech Group,Gurgoan
  • I have had great benefits from yoga classess conducted by Dr. Monika. It has helped me in maintaining overall health and has helped me in reducing weight as well as menopausal symptoms and allergic problems.
    Monika ji is doing a great job in providing us the best health solutions. I recommend it to everyone.”

    Ms. Manisha Joshi, House Wise,Gurgoan
  • “I have been associated with yoga classes provided by Monika for last 6 years. It has helped immensely in the recovery post meeting an accident. I have also had great benefits in dealing with acute health problems like diabetes and glaucoma. The politeness, disciplined sessions and the way classes are being conducted by Monika is really commendable. ”

    Mr. O P. Khetan, Bhagwati Marbles and Tiles,Jaipur
  • “When I joined yoga classes conducted by Dr. Monika, I was suffering from several old age problems and was low on self confidence. However, after joining these classes, I have had significant improvement in my physical health issues and more importantly i became more confident and a strong person from within.”

    Mr. Omkar Sharma,Retd. Army man ,Jaipur
  • A place I look forward to go every morning. These yoga classes have given me a sense of active body, peaceful mind and routine disciplined life. The enthu with which Monika Ma’am conducts class is very motivating and full of enery.

    Team chorus of Aum, starting and ending Sanskrit prayers bring a great feel to the soul. Monika Ma’am you are too good.. 🙂

    Ms. Chandni Goyal, HR American Express,Gurgoan
  • We have been associated with these classes since last one year, and after a gap of few months re-joined these classes. The results are magnificent. Our Grand Mother’s fitness has improved including positive changes in the behaviour, which had been persistent for last two years.

    All of us feel mentally and physically fit, happier and at peace. The politeness and motivation of Monika didi have added to all benefits.

    We highly recommend it! It’s a perfect way to start the day!

    Ms. Dimpy Daroch & Ms. Dimpy Daroch, Environmentalist, Gurgaon
  • It’s been six months since I joined yoga health care center,I was suffering from cervical and knee pain. It’s magical that all my ailments are gone and I find myself healthy now. The trainer is superb in what she does. Hats off to Dr.Monika.

    Ms. Sapna gupta,IT professional
  • Early morning Yoga class makes me more active & flexible compared to my earlier days, a special thanks to Monika Mam. Meditation, Relaxation techniques & breathing exercise was amazing. Expertise Health tips for an individuals & a regular monitoring is an additional advantage in Yoga Health Care Center!.

    Mr. Chinnaswami sriniwasan,civil engineer
  • Capital place for divine!!
    Gate way of divinity!!!
    I love the energy and atmosphere of this place.The instructor is amazing! Also, I thought this is the best place for mind relaxation.This is an extraordinary place where spirituality is a living experience.

    Mr. Aashish Soni,engineering student
  • I never felt the kind of energy, peace and most important ‘the Kick’ that you get when doing your yog asans here with Dr Monika, OM shanti, shanti, shanti….

    Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy,Corporate employee
    I Joined yoga at about 3 month back Now I feel lot of difference in my life , besides loosing weight & loosing fat to fit shape .All this happened Because of personal care ,Homely atmosphere & Dedicated exercises for me which keep me fit at age of 61

    Ms. Ranjana Bhatia,Home maker – D L F phase 3 Gurgaon
  • I am a relatively new entrant to Dr. Monika yoga class but the benefits have been tremendous. Apart from the added flexibility and general well being, the Om chant and the various Prayanams help me control my BP and, believe it or not, give my skin a healthy glow.
    The fortnightly meditation sessions give me peace and contentment that stays with me for a long time. And the kunjal kriya cleans out my system and provides relief from acidity. Her diet and health tips are invaluable because they are tailored to my needs.
    I really enjoy the yoga sessions and find it a good way to begin my day knowing full well that I am doing something good for my mind, body and spirit

    Ms. Neelu Bajaj, Retired Professional, Gurgaon