Yoga teacher training courses

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Basic yoga teacher training (certificate course):

New batches starting shortly, batch size 2 to 5 students.

Eligiblity:  18 years and above with 1 year of yoga practice experience.

Course Duration: 9 weeks (8 + 1)

Subject covered :

Yoga teacher training course

8+1 week
Weekdays practice session
Weekend theory session
Q and A session (on a prior appointment)
8-week course including:

  1. Human anatomy and physiology (yoga aspect)
  2. Yoga, asan, pranayam,mudra, bandha
  3. Yoga History and Philosophy
  4. Yoga class management
    5 basic naturopathy
  5. Basic Ayurveda
  6. Basic nutrition (Natural methods)
    8 . Yoga class marketing management
    And many more.

By 23 years experience teachers in the yoga field.

Dr Monika Sachin Agrawal


Trainees must attend a minimum of 90% of the course. Should trainees miss more than this minimum, they will need to agree with the teacher on which modules to re-take. The school reserves the right to charge additional fees for these catch-up modules.

Study materials:  The course will provide a full manual that will match the modules set out in this syllabus. A reading list will be provided upon the start of the course and students are expected to purchase these themselves

For Online Students:

We are also providing this course through live classes for 8 weeks on online mode. You can finish it as per the given guidelines. We will also share the video tutorials to help you understand the concepts better. Once the curriculum is finished, you will need to go through an assessment for which you can take additional time up to 4 months.

Program schedule :Weekdays session:  for yoga practice with Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) in the morning and evening approx 2 hours, Regular self practice  1 hour, Q & A session 1 hour with SYT. Weekend sessions: for theory lessons 2 hours class and Q & A session  1 hour.

Advanced yoga teacher training course( 8 weeks)

This course presents a foundation in yoga principles with a strong emphasis on Traditional HATHA yoga with advanced level yoga. Trainees are expected to maintain a daily yoga practice during their training.

Eligibility:  18 years and above with Basic Teacher training course certification.
The course will include the following areas of Detailed knowledge of these studies:

; ::

face yoga teacher training courses (5 weeks) :

Eligiblity:  18 years and above with Basic Teacher training course certification.

Syllabus :

Ayurvedic nutrition basics (5 weeks)

 Ayurvedic  Nutrition

Eligiblity:  18 years and above with Basic understanding of course content .

Syllabus: Introduction to nutrition, Study of Macronutrients and Micronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats & proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber) ,Nutritional Assessment BMI, BMR, RDA, Calculation of Energy and protein requirements., How to do meal planning & nutrient calculation. Nutrition During Life Cycle. Therapeutic Nutrition Diet Planning in diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid, PCOD, CVD, HTN, Gut Health, Fatty Liver, Pregnancy, Lactation & Anemia.

Basics of Ayurveda. : Role of Prakriti in Consumption of meals.Concepts of Agni and Ama. Ayurvedic Food Concepts. Dincharya and Ritucharya in relation to ahar.Kitchen species, Important herbs their therapeutic uses.Ayurvedic Concepts and Treatments. Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes.

Therapeutic methods of yoga (8 weeks) Medical purposes:

To train students in Yoga Therapy so as to enable the students to become well versed in Yoga Therapy medical purposes :

Eligiblity:  18 years and above with having Basic Teacher training course certification.

Syllabus Details:

Pregnancy teacher training courses ( 9weeks):

Eligiblity:  18 years and above with Basic Teacher training course certification.

Syllabus in brief:




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Students feedbacks:

The Yoga Teacher training course, not only made me understand the efforts really put behind conducting a class but also brought me closer to the practice of yoga. The course helped me understand each asan in depth and how it really helps our body to heal.
Especially the Ayurveda class and history of yoga were very knowledgeable!
It is a great way to go beyond just the daily classes and come closer to the ancient practice of yoga! Grateful to Monica mam, for sharing so much with us 🙏”————Rashika Jain, Enterpreneur

Yoga teacher training course is a very important course which I think that each one of us should do.And it becomes more interesting when it is done under a teacher like Dr.Monika Agarwal.She is a great inspiration for me.She has thought us each and everything very easily and clearly.She has given us all the modules online, even the class recordings,as well as the videos of the asanas,which are mind blowing.She has made me believe that that there is nothing on earth that is impossible.This became more clear when she thought us about Kunjal and Jalneiti online.It was great experience doing online teacher training course as well as practical yoga classes with Monika mam.
Thanks a lot Monikaji.I will surely practice as guided by you.I truly thank God in placing me in such beautiful hands.Thanks a lot.🙏🙏-Sunita Agrawal , Homemaker

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