Bathua: Why and How to Use?

Bathua is a very commonly used green-leafy vegetable in Indian households. Let us find out the benefits of Bathua.

Benefits: Why to use Bathua?-
1. It is very effective for our digestive health. It is highly beneficial people who continuously suffer from gastric issues.
2. It is good to get rid of intestinal worms.
3. They are known to be one of the only foods which do not have any side-effects on any one of the three doshas.
4. It is good for weight reduction.
5. It helps cure cough, congestion and other nasal diseases.
6. This also helps balance the metabolic rate.
7. It helps regulate the smooth-working of the respiratory system.

The Correct Way: How to use Bathua?
Even after being such an advantageous green-leafy vegetable, Bathu should be consumed in a specific way to attain it’s best benefits –
1. Bathua is hot in potency, thus should be consumed preferably in winter season.
2. 30-35 gm of Bathua leaves should be combined with 100 ml Water to form Bathua tea, which should be drank every morning on an empty stomach for weight reduction. 
3. It should be used in Raitas, in different sabjis and should be kneaded in the dough used to make Ratis and Chapatis.
Thus, one should always remember the correct way to consume Bathua, in order to attain its best benefits. For further queries, you may contact us.
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