Heeng is our ancient kitchen herb to make the food more digestive and aromatic taste. loaded with lots of health value like it pacify Vata and kapha It increases pitta, ignite our digestive fire to help in digestion .

It removes bloating, gastric issues like hinwastak churan very popular medicine of ayurveda to help digestion. Heeng  has a nature of deepmanya  that improve digestion powers. It is useful in asthma and other respiratory disorders, it has pungent taste herbs to improve vata. It has teekshna Guna to enter in deep tissues for effective results.

It is best use with frying with ghee in a little quantity specially substitute of garlic and onion. It gives taste good in legumes (daal) specially .

Ayurvedic uses of Hing:
Deepana means digestive
Pachana means toxin digestive
Sulaprasamana means alleviates intestinal spasm
Krimighna means vermifuge (anti parasites)
Anulomana means redirects and promotes the flow of the Apana vayu
Artavajanana means promotes the flow of the menses
Vedanasthapana means pain reducing.
Swasahara means herbs that are useful in breathing difficulties e.g. asthma, sinus, allergy problems.

how to use heeng for medicinal benefits:
• Make a small paste with warm water and apply on navel area to improve abdominal pain in children (bloating pain)
• Apply the paste on the chest to help in relieving cough, congestion.
• Nasal drops of saline water with heeng are helpful in treating colds and migraine.
• Wrap the roasted heeng powder in a cotton swab, helpful in tooth ache.
• fried heeng in ghee is helpful to improve digestion and increasing agni
• Heengwasthak churna is a classical ayurvedic formulation for digestive disorder regulating Apana vayu.

Enjoy your meal prepared with Hing. Experience the taste and feel the benefit.

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