Lungs exercises to improve fast recovery from lungs infection / covid 19.

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1 . Deep breathing: A very easy and effective step towards health ,just focus on navel , you can put your hand on navel and deep inhale , hold for 2-4-6 seconds and exhale through mouth. Continue for 5 time.

2. Om chanting
: Inhale and chant AUM loudly 5 times to increase your breathing duration. It will give you easy exercise and positive energy too.

3. Hands in and out breathing: Expand your hand at shoulder level , inhale open your hand at shoulder level and exhale make your palms together. do it 5 times and relax repeat .

4 Hands stretch breathing: starts from — make your finger crossed , rest your both elbows at near ribs side. when you inhale stretch your hand up at 90 degree, 135 degree and 180 degree. and exhale slowly come back at normal pose as resting on chest with finger crossed hands..

5. Snake pose (Bhujanga asana): Lie down on your abdomen, place your elbow near the chest just lift your upper body like a snake , start stretch your neck inhale up and exhale down. try to exhale through mouth. repeat it 5-6 times and rest in prone pose .

6. balloon breathing : We can get a balloon and try to blow it for al least 2-3 min. repeat it for al least thrice in a week.

7. straw bubble exercise : take a glass of water and have a straw and blow the straw and try to make bubbles. repeat it 2-3 times in a day.
8. light walk : Please do regular light walk and light movement and yoga exercises to improve mental and physical health .

Relaxation meditation : Try to relax yourself with Shavasana meditation, good sleep , relaxing music to rejuvenate body fast and effectively.

More relax have good food. have some quality time with positive thought, and atmosphere.

stay safe and healthy.

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