Fenugreek, commonly known as Dana methi or methi seeds, are a world-wide consumed herb, known for its benefits in health and diet. This small, hard, mustard-coloured seed might taste bitter in taste, but can do wonders in one’s body. This herb is commonly used in Indian kitchens and households to give an unique and vibrant flavour in cooking. This herb is not only used in cooking, but is an excellent herb for curing an ailing body.

Health benefits of Fenugreek-

  1. Reducing Vata dosha- This wonderful herb is used in form of an effective flavoring substance in curries, vegetables etc. Being hot in nature, these seeds can help control vata and kapha elements and aggravate the pitta element, thus lowering down the ailments caused due to excessive vata aggravation.

2. Fights and cures gastric issues and aids diabetic problems- Fenugreek keeps constipation and stomach ulcers at bay. These seeds are also helpful in providing antioxidants and fibres, thus helping in many discomforting diabetic problems. Fenugreek also helps in other gastric issues like- Gastritis, Heart burn, loss of appetite in kids, prevention of bloating etc.

3. Highly favorable for joint and body pains- This herb is an highly favored home – remedy for knee, ankle and back pains.  Presence of several helpful constituents may also prove helpful in skeletal issues if taken regularly.

4. Helps in Skin and facial problems- Soaking this magnificent seed overnight and applying it with besan paste as a face mask may help cure skin problems and remove excess impurities and dead cells from skin. It also increases the glow of the skin and rejuvenates the skin cells.

5. Proves helpful in hair issues- Applying this seed along with other herbs like amla, shikakai etc. Can prove helpful as a hair conditioner. This paste must be kept or ½ an hour to savour its best benefits. This makes hair soft and shinier.

  • Limitation and Correct Consumption of Dana Methi-

Any useful, efficient herb can be harmful to one’s body if consumed in wrong quantities and at wrong times. Thus, the correct way of consuming fenugreek is-

  1. In case of diabetic complications -The mass consumption of this herb should be done in powder form.
  2. In case of pitta element aggravation- This herb should be consumed in limited quantities. (1-1.5 teaspoons)
  3. In order to reduce bitterness in this herb- This herb should be added to soaked chana to prevent the unpleasing taste, and to help our body utilise this to the fullest.

This herb if consumed the right way can do wonders to one’s body. Herbs like Dana Methi should be consumed regularly for noticeable effect on one’s health and body balance..

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Dr.Monika bijaka agrawal


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