The most common problem of this age of stress, anxiety, dullness and pandemic  situation


  • Long interval of food gaps
  • Oily and fatty foods
  • High presence of HCL acid in body(Pitta)
  • Skipping meals (just for the name of dieting)
  • High stress level and less physical activity


  • Kunjal kriya (empty stomach water vomiting kriya , a part of yogic shatkarma)
  • Amla ka murrabba
  • Banana
  • Gulkand
  • Barley and saunf water
  • Fresh buttermilk homemade with jeera and mint
  • Saunf +Mishri
  • Rose Sharbat
  • Mulethi Water
  • Fresh salad before meals
  • Light dinner like vegetable rice, khichdi,daliya or soup.

Have regular food and sleep habits

Have regular exercise schedule with any activity

Yoga: kujal kriya, vastra dhauti, kapalbhati kriya, chandra anuloma pranayama, bharmeri pranayama, rabbit pose, camel pose, deep relaxation (shavaasana), nauka asana, setubandhasana, pawanmukta asan, tadasan, stomach breathing, full yogic breathing.

Regular walk after dinner

Quickfix remedy: chew a clove for sometimes if u feel more acidity and acid reflux( specially for high pitta)

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