Cooling Pranayama, during this hot summer season, we have to be more cool inside and outside too with all these yogic practices we can make ourselves healthy and calm. you can follow some summer guidelines with this practices(

Cooling pranayama first try to make our left nostril active with left nostril breathing too

Chandra anuloma viloma pranayama: Start with left nostril exhale and inhale breathing practice, like close your right nostril and continue make your deep breathing with left nostril only.

Sheetali pranayama: Roll your tongue like a straw and cover with lip roll (those who can’t make the tongue roll, they can make only lip roll),and inhale through the rolled tongue and exhale through left nostril. You can feel more cooling sensation with this practice in the buckle cavity. Good for mouth ulcers, hyperacidity, hypertension and heat strokes.

Sheetkari Pranayama: Fold your tongue to the upper palate in between upper and lower teeth, inhale though the tongue and exhale through the left will give you more cooling effects for this summer season.

Sadanta pranayama: Press your teeth towards each other and inhale through the mouth with open lips and exhale through the left nostril. Its too good for gum health, gum sensitivity and cooling effects to the body.

These are some important practice for summers to maintain cooling balance with any holding of breathing (therapeutic methods). You can enjoy them during your yoga practice.

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