Triphala Benefits for EyesTriphala helps eye muscles become stronger, this way improving eyesight. It is good in curing different eye problems like glaucoma,Dry eyes, progressive myopia and also conjunctivitis. If you have red , watery eyes, you can wash your eyes with a juice made from Triphala and the redness will reduce or even disappear.

How to make a Triphala Eye Wash water? if you have a certain eye disease, we recommend you talk to your doctor before using Triphala as your eyes may be too sensitive for it. The process is not complicated, however you need to do some forward planning.Let’s start! Add half a teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass, or ceramic cup and fill it halfway up with just boiled filtered water. Mix it well and leave it to cool. It has to be soaked in the water atleast for 8 hours to get maximum benefits. Use it only in the morning. Surely, you can do this in the morning and use it in the evening as well. Store the Triphala solution in a small, sterile , tightly covered jar in your bathroom.

How to Use It?You can use an eye cup (easily found in any drug store). Fill it with Triphala solution and bathe one eye. With new solution, repeat for the other eye. You might feel, but not necessary, a smarting sensation. The vision should improve almost immediately and it gives a refresh feeling to your eyes.Triphala is an  amazing Ayurvedic medicine for different eyesight problems and not only. If you need it to repair something or just want to prevent a problem, try Triphala.

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