Summer season , beautiful sunshine, hot sunny days, energetic mornings, Soothening and peaceful evenings makes you more happy  and pleasant with  all these Ayurveda guidelines:

  1. Good to have  lots of water like mud pot water, silver pot water with mint and kevda and rose flavor , if you have sweet tooth use you can have gulkand  sherbet, roohazja, khus, bel and Chandan sherbet, fresh buttermilk with mint and jeera, sweet lassi with mishri powder, lemon water but without any soda or fizz.
  2. More Fresh sprouts, salads for breakfast and lunch.
  3. Have barley, wheat flour mixed with ghiya, palak chapatis to make it light and good digestion.
  4. Lots of water rich vegetables for fresh salads, raita with freshly cooked vegetables like Ghiya, turai, aloo, onion, tomato, cluster beans and etc.
  5. Fruits to have in summer: Watermelons, muskmelons, sun melons, peaches, mango , cherries.
  • Early morning is more beautiful and energetic to do physical activity like Yoga, games, walking and cycling etc.
  • Soothening evening best for relaxation meditation and concentration practices with cooling Pranayams ( Sheetali, shitkari and sadanta).
  • Day time nap or some deep breath relaxation is good to have in daytime.
  • Clothes to wear are light weight as airy and comfortable like cotton.
  • Use coconut oil to massage the body once in a week and at bed time you can do toe palm massage to get more relax.
  • Have a fresh water bath before sleep
  • Use lemongrass or sandalwood  fragrance to relax your nerves and muscles during bedtime.
  • Have gulkand milk or water for deep sleep.
  • Good to avoid garlic and ginger and red pepper to relax the digestion.
  • Don’t mix vegetable and fruit in any food to get good and effective absorption.
  • Good to avoid heavy dinner and preservative (stale, ready to cook and frozen) food item instead of fresh chutneys like coriander, mint and tomato.
  • As this season is high pitta , if you still feel any acidity and high pitta problems have a  wet cold cotton cloth , put it on your lower belly, neck and forehead., it will give you immediate relief from heat  effect.

Enjoy summers with lots of good health and happiness.

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